Hwa Chong Institution
Home Learning Lesson 3

Subject :


Class :
Sec 3: SMTP1: SMTP3; O2
Topic :
Newspaper Article Review 2
Objective :
At the end of the lesson, students should be able to write a critical review of a newspaper article and participate in a online discussion based on the article reviewed.
Resources :
Laptop, newspaper article, rubrics and online discussion
Introduction :
[5 mins]
How to review newspaper article?

When review of an article, you will need to summarize, evaluate, and offer critical comment on the ideas and information that the author(s) presents in the article.

Reading the Article
Allow enough time to understand it.
Read the article without taking notes to gain an overall idea of its main idea.

Read the article again analytically and make notes of main ideas and main topic.
Highlight important ideas and make brief notes.

Read the newspaper: Take a look at Singapore

Use the following Guidelines to write an analytical Review of the article

  • Give the title of the article and name of the author(s) and provide a full citation of the article. Identify the writer by profession or importance.
  • Identify the purpose of the article.
  • Tell what the article is and explain why it is interesting and important. Give your overall impression.
  • It is important that the introductory paragraph include a statement which identifies the main points you will be discussing in the body (analysis) of the review.
Body (Analysis)
  • Write an analytical summary of the arguments, or conclusions of the article / study.
  • Discuss the strengths and usefulness of the article / study.
  • Discuss the weaknesses, limitations, or problems of the article / study.
  • Discuss what you learned from the article and if you recommend it to others.
  • Support your analysis with quotations and/or specific examples throughout.
  • Summarize the previous discussion.
  • Make a final judgement on the value of the article.
  • State what you learned from the article.
  • Comment on the future or implications of the article.

Online Discussion
Go to discussion on this topic to post you view.
Submission for ACE
OPTIONAL - Student can hand in a review based on THIS article. (max 2 ace points)