Hwa Chong Institution

Home Learning Lesson 2

Subject :


Class :
Sec 3: SMTP1: SMTP3; O2
Topic :
Newspaper Article Review 1
Objective :
At the end of the lesson, students should be able to review article and participate in a online discussion based on the article reviewed.
Resources :
Laptop, newspaper article, rubrics and online discussion
Introduction :
How to review newspaper article?
When review of an article, you will need to summarize, evaluate, and offer critical comment on the ideas and information that the author(s) presents in the article.
Reading the Article
Allow enough time to understand it.
Read the article without taking notes to gain an overall idea of its main idea.

Read the article again analytically and make notes of main ideas and main topic.
Highlight important ideas and make brief notes.

Ask yourself these questions:
  • What is interesting about this information?
  • How does the author(s) support his point f view?
  • What is the main aim of the article?
  • What issue does the article address?
  • Is the article timely?
  • Is the argument convincing? Is the evidence valid?
  • Are the points convincing? Is it comprehensive and thorough?
  • What questions remain unanswered? Anything omitted?
  • Could the issue be interpreted in another way?
  • How does the article contribute your understanding of the issue?
  • Is the interpretation original?
  • How does the article relate to the course / studies / subject?

Read the newspaper:Cease that unbecoming smugness
Use the following worksheet to help organise your thoughts.

Review Newspaper
Online Discussion
Go to discussion on this topic to post you view.
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