Holiday Assignment
Critical evaluation of governance in Singapore’s social policies
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Health services
  • Population
  • *Aging population
  • *Foreign talents

Make linkages to show how Singapore’s management of social issues reveal good governance/sound policies.
  • Policy making
  • Good governance
  • Ethnicity issues
  • Welfare for citizens

Focus on how various policies help not only to

  • structure a new nation but to meet the needs and aspirations of non state actors
  • plus to achieve a political objective of maintaining stability
  • Understand the vulnerability and challenges of seemingly harmonious state
  • Critical need for sustenance of good and effective social policies

  1. Wiki
  2. Video
  3. Discussion - worksheet
  4. Presentation
  5. Notes

Deadline: 27 June 2009
Rubrics for Assignment